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Writing term insurance has never been easier.

Electronic drop tickets help eliminate much of the frustration of writing term insurance.

  • Don't worry about finding the right forms – our platform chooses the right forms every time
  • No chasing signatures – signed over the phone or electronically with e-signature
  • No need to visit multiple carrier websites to determine best price. You can obtain multiple quotes all in one place
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate “Not in Good Order” applications that take up your time and delay issue – drop ticket prevents incomplete applications
  • Policies can be sent to you or to the client electronically
  • Faster issue means faster commissions.

Easy and intuitive

  • Grow your practice with cutting edge technology that simplifies term insurance applications. Once you have a purchase decision– a 5-minute interview with your client and then you’re on to the next sale
  • One system for a single launch pad to multiple carriers and multiple quotes
  • Platform can be accessed through a PC, tablet or smart phone securely to start an application
  • Application Part I (and/or Part II) completed over the phone by trained Call Center representatives
  • No paper forms necessary
  • Signed by client over the phone or e-signature
  • Convenient for your clients –they select the best time for the Call Center to contact them
  • Email notification that ticket has been received

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