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Working with Wiig-Codr & Associates


At Wiig-Codr you offer Life, Annuities, Disability, Long Term Care, Dental, and Medicare Solutions to your clients


We succeed when you succeed

Wiig-Codr & Associates is an insurance brokerage for independent insurance agents. We are compensated by the carriers to assist you in providing these products. We only get paid when you do. The agents we work with retain total ownership over the business they write.


Experienced agents available to help you

When you call or email Wiig-Codr you will be assisted by agents with years of experience in the field. We are licensed and have sold the same products you are offering your clients.


Why do business with Wiig-Codr?

  • We are experienced licensed agents – we’ve been in your shoes.
  • We offer access to more than 20 carriers. We can help you select products that are best fit for your client.
  • We can provide all forms, apps, product guides and advice you need to close the business.
  • We pre-check all apps submitted prior to sending them to underwriters.
  • We case manage the application through underwriting while keeping you informed of the progress.
  • Once a policy is issued, we will notify you of any delivery requirements.
  • Commissions come directly from the carrier to you or your agency.

After sale service

  • We don’t consider a case closed after delivery, we assist you with client requests such as payment changes, beneficiary changes, etc.

Don’t walk away from selling life, annuities, LTC, disability or Medicare solution

  •  If you’re not offering these products to your clients – someone else is.  Why let another agent into one of your client’s home? They may see it as an as an opportunity to take your property and casualty business away from you.