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Giddy up is a portal to sign your clients up for life insurance.
You create a Ticket that starts the process for your client to get insured.


FAST - Less than 7 minutes

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Multi-Carrier, digital (paperless), mobile-enabled, drop ticket platform with products in all states

Easy and intuitive

  • Grow your practice with cutting edge technology that simplifies term insurance applications once you have a purchase decision– a 5-minute interview with your client and then you’re on to the next sale
  • One system for a single launch pad to multiple carriers and multiple quotes
  • Platform can be accessed through a PC, tablet or smart phone securely to start an application
  • Application Part I (and/or Part II) completed over the phone by trained Call Center representatives
  • No paper forms necessary
  • Signed by client over the phone or e-signature
  • Convenient for your clients –they select the best time for the Call Center to contact them
  • Email notification that ticket has been received 


Be bold – Be different!


Offer your clients fully-underwritten term insurance with the convenience typically only found with less competitive and limited simplified issue products.


Finally, you can sell life insurance that doesn’t intrude on life.



With our Drop Ticket option, you create and submit in good order a term life insurance application (like “dropping a ticket” when purchasing other financial products) with 3 simple steps – a 5-minute interview/20-minute call/paramed exam process:

Step 1 – You create the order for life insurance – A 5-minute interview with your client that starts with a quote on a tablet, PC or smartphone

Step 2 - Application Part I (and/or Part II) completed over the phone by a Fulfillment Call Center with your client – a 20-minute phone call at a time convenient for the client because they choose when they want it to happen

Step 3 – Paramed exam or medical phone interview


Additional Benefits:

  • State-specific forms – our platform chooses the right forms every time
  • No chasing signatures – signed over the phone or electronically with e-signature
  • No need to visit multiple carrier websites to determine best price. You can obtain multiple quotes all in one place
  • Same quality products that are available by completing the long burdensome paper application process
  • Multiple term options – 10-year, 20-year, 30-year, etc., up to 40 years (limited GUL products are also available)
  • Proprietary Call Center keeps the process on track
  • Some products have conversion privileges to permanent life insurance
  • Access on a PC, smart phone or tablet, securely from the cloud with automatic updates – no outdated or wrong forms. Ideal for point-of-sale situations
  • Eliminate processing delays typically experienced with paper applications
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate “Not in Good Order” applications that take up your time and delay issue – drop ticket prevents incomplete applications
  • Policies could be sent to you or to the client electronically
  • Online reporting – track just as you would a paper application
  • Makes your success and profitability a priority
  • AND…getting you set-up is fast and easy!


Ready to get started?  Give us a call.  Do it today!