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Get your Side Hustle on

If you have experience in selling life insurance, are licensed or can get that license back, we can help turn that investment into a decent side hustle.  We make carriers and products available along with the tools you will need to make extra money offering products from top tier carriers.  Give us a call today to discuss how!

Free all-in-one business management tool

As an agent that works with Wiig-Codr & Associates, you are eligible for a free Lead Advantage Pro account. - Use it to manage prospects and clients, quote and write business and access the latest forms from carriers. 

Writing term insurance has never been easier.

Electronic drop tickets help eliminate much of the frustration of writing term insurance.

  • Don't worry about finding the right forms – our platform chooses the right forms every time
  • No chasing signatures – signed over the phone or electronically with e-signature
  • No need to visit multiple carrier websites to determine best price. You can obtain multiple quotes all in one place
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate “Not in Good Order” applications that take up your time and delay issue – drop ticket prevents incomplete applications
  • Policies can be sent to you or to the client electronically
  • Faster issue means faster commissions.

When doing the right thing can make you more money.

Your book of business may be hiding a gold mine. A LIMRA study shows that 1 in 2 American households have life insurance but the protection falls an average $225,000 short of what is needed.

How many times have we talked with a client who says they have plenty or are “insurance poor”? I submit that most of those folks have never actually sat down and discussed their actual situation. They have some group insurance at work – maybe 1 to 2 times salary and FEEL that’s enough. Perhaps there is a stay at home spouse who doesn’t bring in a formal paycheck, so they FEEL they don’t need to have life insurance – but it would be very expensive to replace what they do for the family if they died. If there is no plan these feelings may just hurt the ones they love most.

Use a discussion of Auto and Home Deductibles to sell more Life Insurance.

As insurance agents, part of our job is to explain complex concepts. I’ve always felt analogies where the easiest way to explain things. Using familiar concepts to make the client explore ideas in a different way.

Farewell From Frank

There is an adage, time stops for no man.  For some reason, I thought that this did not apply to me – but now I know it does apply to all , even me.  That is the reason for this email to you this morning.  I’m hanging it up – effective April 1, I will turn my life in a different direction and resign from active insurance.