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When doing the right thing can make you more money.

Your book of business may be hiding a gold mine. A LIMRA study shows that 1 in 2 American households have life insurance but the protection falls an average $225,000 short of what is needed.

How many times have we talked with a client who says they have plenty or are “insurance poor”? I submit that most of those folks have never actually sat down and discussed their actual situation. They have some group insurance at work – maybe 1 to 2 times salary and FEEL that’s enough. Perhaps there is a stay at home spouse who doesn’t bring in a formal paycheck, so they FEEL they don’t need to have life insurance – but it would be very expensive to replace what they do for the family if they died. If there is no plan these feelings may just hurt the ones they love most.

These clients need and deserve a review of their life insurance plan. Remember life insurance agents can bring something a lot more important to a funeral than a casserole – a secure future for the ones left behind.

If you don’t already offer life insurance to your clients, you should….

      • It's the right thing to do -your clients and more importantly the ones who depend on them need this insurance.
      • There's money to be made. You have the inside track because of your relationship with your clients.
      • You have a team at Wiig-Codr to back you up.
      • If you're not offering these products to your clients - someone  else is. Why let another agent into one of your client’s home? They may see it as an opportunity to take your existing business away from you.

We are here to assist you with advice, training and tools.

Why remake the wheel – most carriers have point of sale tools that will help you in your business. Today we are highlighting just one carrier that has a great annual checkup kit. Pacific Life has the field guide, information brochure and a point of sale piece to sit with prospects and your existing clients to review the amount of insurance they need.