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Farewell From Frank

There is an adage, time stops for no man.  For some reason, I thought that this did not apply to me – but now I know it does apply to all , even me.  That is the reason for this email to you this morning.  I’m hanging it up – effective April 1, I will turn my life in a different direction and resign from active insurance.

I have had the good fortune of enjoying a wonderful partner, her name is Terri Codr.  Many of you know her and have often been the beneficiary of her service and ability to help you unravel and solve any and all problems in getting cases issued, and getting commissions paid promptly and accurately.  I have asked way too much of her and it is now time for me to give her all my time, let her enjoy the Grandchildren, and travel to fun places.

The next phase of Wiig Codr will be led by Tom Jurek, CLU, LUTCF, FSS.  Tom has a great deal of experience in the insurance industry.  Tom has been in the business many years, starting with the Prudential in 1990.  He has over 15 years in multi-lines, and has spent the last 8 years in the Brokerage field, helping agents reach their insurance goals.   He told me he can’t wait to call and visit with you, telling you what he can do to make your Insurance life more profitable, and easier.   I’m confident he will give you the service you’ve always expected from us.  I will be around on an advisory basis for awhile, if you want to talk to the “old man.”

In signing off, I wish to thank you for the business you have sent me over the years and most of all for your fellowship.  My memories are happy ones and I am truly blessed

Best wishes and God Speed.


Frank W Codr, CLU